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Grup SERHS is a Catalan corporation made up of 76 companies organised in six operative and two strategic areas, wich has grown out of the great experience acquired along the years.


In 1975 Serveis Mancomunats d’Hostaleria i Similars Societat Cooperativa was founded, the embryo of the present Grup SERHS, to face a time of recession in the tourist business and specifically the concerns of the hotel businesses in Calella (Maresme). Our entity, now a corporation, leads the Catalan tourist sector and is in fourth place on the state ranking. The modern SERHS is present on three continents and is formed by 76 active companies. It has an average payroll of 2,730 workers and a shareholding base of 1,466 partners, 41% of whom are workers or relatives of workers of SERHS.

“When I look back I am still surprised. We started as around twelve entrepreneurs who joined 15 hotel establishments and contributed 50,000 pesetas each (a total 4,500 euros); now at the end of the year, we will have moved more than 550 million euros (aggregate) between the 76 active companies of the institution”, Ramon Bagó, Chairman of Grup SERHS is surprised. Six areas of activity make up the business: distribution and logistics; tourism and travel; hotels; food management and production; projects and equipment; services and new technologies. Our growth, based on diversification, has brought new clients into the Group and at the same time has enhanced the territorial expansion inside and outside of Spain.

In order to face the challenges, Grup SERHS realises that it is necessary to continue to invest in innovation and the expansion of new technologies and to carry on our philosophy based on the sector and territorial diversification of our businesses.

Mission and vision

Our mission, to continue to improve to offer goods and services basically to the tourist, hostelry and food sectors through careful management, our own know how, seeking active participation and team work, understanding the creation of prosperity and the generation of well-being for all people associated with the Group as “our own way to make enterprise and country”.

The vision, to be a referent in our sector in Europe as a Catalan company acting on human principles and with criteria of quality, service and efficacy.

Our values

The values that form part of the Grup SERHS philosophy and which distinguish us from the competition are the following:

- The diversification and specialisation in different related fields: tourism and travel, hotels, food management and production, distribution, projects and equipment and services. Companies that complement each other and form true service integration.

- Our origin as a cooperative, now over 30 years ago, today is a large Catalan corporation with a clear international projection.

- The human side both internally with our workers and shareholders and externally with our clients, suppliers and collaborators, showing continuous improvement, confidence, innovation, responsibility, respect for people, etc. Our activity is based a lot on people, as people are our main asset.

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